TrackMan Virtual College Series

The 2021 College Series is a three-event series that will be played over three weeks. Each event is played over 18 holes as strokeplay (scratch), and is also part of a points ranking championship. There will be separate men’s and women’s events, which will be played from Monday to Sunday.

Week 1, Jan 25 – 31st: PGA National (Florida)
Week 2, Feb 1 – 7th: Quail Hollow Club (North Carolina)
Week 3, Feb 8 – 14th: Liberty National (New Jersey)

"Competing in TrackMan’s Virtual Series events is a great way to keep your game and tournament mind sharp. It is the next best thing to competing in live tournaments on the course. I recommend it for all players.”

Conrad Ray
Director of Men´s Golf at Stanford University

How to sign up and start playing

Use the sign up form here and Watch the video.

Tie Rules

Lowest Score Last 9
Lowest Score Last 6
Lowest Score Last 3
Lowest Score Last 1 hole(s)


The TrackMan Virtual College Series includes 3 individual tournaments, and an overall Point Ranking Championship similar to the FedEx Cup.

Each event is played just like an outdoor tournament, the same rules apply. You compete against other players and appear on the leaderboard.

The Points Championship consists of multiple rounds, to increase your chances of winning the Points Championship you should participate in as many rounds as possible. However, you can skip rounds and still participate.

You may play rounds ahead but please note that your results will not be shown on the leaderboard before the round officially starts. For example, if a player plays round two at Quail Hollow Club before February 1th, the Quail Hollow score will not be shown on the leaderboard before February 1th.

What is the scoring system in the points ranking championship?

The Points Championship is a points-based scoring system that gives you an overall leaderboard for tournaments with multiple rounds, just like the FedEx Cup. After each round ends you get points based on your position in that round.

The winner of the round gets the most points for the Points Championship leaderboard, second place gets second-most points, and so on. The number of points distributed to the players is determined by the number of participants.

Putting and game rules

The game will auto-putt based on probability calculations derived from PGA Tour statistics. For example, a putt from 10ft / 3m will have a 38% probability for one putt, 61% for two putts and 1% for three putts.

Single attempt, no mulligans.